Sunday, February 24, 2013

Waiting for Myanmar

February 24, 2013

My early morning editing of episode four was interrupted by a man overboard drill.  The announcement of “this is just an exercise” preceded, “MAN OVERBOARD!”  The ship banked to the starboard side and let out a horn blast.  How exciting!  Especially when your coffee almost spills on your computer…oh, life aboard a ship, never a dull moment.

I wrapped up my episode by noon – wahoo!  It'll be uploaded and be airing in a few days on  Don't forget to check it out!

At 5:00pm, there was the second of a series of workshops for Women for Better Business, where we explored prootyping our dream careers.

During the first workshop, we went into discovery mode to see what type of a workplace we’re looking for in order to find out what our dream career would be.  I realized that a lot of my likes were just reciting what I have right now.  Flexibility with hours, constantly changing projects, creative control and travel.  The one thing I discovered that I feel like I’m lacking is a larger creative team.  Matt and I work so well together, but it would be awesome to have a larger team to bounce ideas off of and spread out more work in order to take on larger and more intensive projects.

In this workshop, we did a fast brainstorm of all the possibilities, rated them with our values, then narrowed them down to the things that we felt were highest on our list.  The hardest factor of this exercise is the how much is unknown about all these "out there" options.  It was an interesting learning experience because I realized that I'm living my dream career.  Owning our own business and working as freelancers allows us the flexibility with projects and clients that I absolutely love.  It also gives us control over the budgets and finances which, although a little scary at times, is very rewarding to be in charge of those decisions.  (Fruitful...not yet, but we've only been at this for less than a year.)

I realized that I don't have a dream job, but rather a dream project.  I want to direct the narrative feature about Operation Babylift.  During the meeting, I talked with ladies from all different fields that threw out connections and things that I should do to make this dream a reality.  It was fun to talk through what steps I need to take because the steps are easier to grasp in my mind than the big idea.  I suppose that's with any dream.  You can't just jump from A to Z, you have to make it through each letter, maybe not in order, but it's easier in smaller chunks.
At the end of the meeting, we all clinked glasses, and I wandered to the front of the ship where I caught sight of the sunset. It was absolutely beautiful!  I snapped a photo to the East and then one to the West and thought I'd share it with you as a parting thought.

Our world is beautiful.

Porting in Myanmar tomorrow morning, then taking a flight up to Mandalay and one over to Bagan in a whirl-wind tour of all the epic b-roll locations around Myanmar.  Our trip got cut short on both ends because of some crazy government things, so we're not able to leave the ship until 4pm tomorrow, and have to be back on the ship by noon on our last day here.  So, we're basically down from five to three days in Myanmar.  You win some, you lose some.

Oh yes, and we will be losing internet tomorrow, and it's highly regulated in Myanmar, so no promises on updates for the next five days, but I'll keep track and write these out and upload them when I get a chance.