Sunday, December 30, 2012

Embarkation is Near!

I can't believe that the countdown has gotten so low! Matt and I leave for San Diego in just four days. We have figured out and packed all of our film equipment that we'll be needing for the four month documentary, but haven't yet started with the clothes. They say that you need less than you think because the will do laundry on the ship each week.

We're trying to fit in seeing everybody before we take off, but have found that its hard to spend quality time with all of our loved ones with preparations to leave the country for four months!

The plan is to head to San Diego on Friday morning and join up with the rest of the Unreasonable at Sea team and finish up all of the final details before getting on the ship on January 7th. A that point we will head down to Mexico to pick up the 600 and some anxious college students who will be joining in on the Semester at Sea program.

Taxes, New Year's and packing are all that's left before we bid adieu until May 1st when we'll set foot back in the great state of Colorado.