Saturday, January 5, 2013

Made it to San Diego

We arrived in San Diego yesterday morning and came to our first home away from home at a vacation rental house on Pacific beach. Just three blocks from the ocean and ocean walkway.

There are five bedrooms and a big basement with beds everywhere. There were almost enough beds for every one of our 18 Unreasonable team members. We all claimed a bed, then headed off to find some lunch on the beach.

We had burgers at a quaint breakfast and burger bar and laughed about how crazy it is that we're finally here and doing this all together.

For dinner, we went to the grocery store and got a bunch of burgers and brats and grilled on the roof patio for the whole team. It was a lovely way to end our first day altogether. Which it is!

Today, we're free to do whatever we want until 1:30 when we'll have our first team pow-wow to finish all of the details that we need to tie up before getting on the ship Monday morning.