Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

March 31, 2013

Well, we didn't set sail in the night because of the weather, so we got to have our Easter breakfast on the deck of the ship with a backdrop of Cape Town.  It was a nice change of pace for one of our sailing days.  The ship is capable of double-timing it, and they plan in extra time in all of the sailing stints for things like this, so it won't affect the dates that we're in Ghana.

Matt and I procured a couple hardboiled eggs for breakfast and set to work decorating them for Easter.  We hope that everybody had a lovely Easter.  It's just not the same when it's a normal work day for the ship community.  I want to reiterate again how much I miss having weekends.  We got a nice couple days off in Cape Town which was very nice.  It was the first weekend we've had since January 4th.  No wonder people are feeling a little burned out.

Matt and I posed for some pictures with Table Mountain in the background, then went in to finish our breakfasts.  It was time to get back into the swing of things on the ship, so we had a morning meeting to work out our goals for the sail to Ghana.  I've been assigned to edit the South Africa episode, so that'll be my duty in the next five days.

I'm still waiting on the logging, so I set to work finishing up some details with Mass FX and reimbursements for travel and cleaning up our room.  It was also good to catch up on this blog and get down some of the basics of what we did for this last week.  I wish I had kept up with it because I'm now having trouble remembering a lot of the details of what we did.  It was a pretty low key port, so it's probably okay.

The rest of the day was pretty straightforward.  Helping with post-production logging and searching for lost project files.

Mark and Larissa made us all
Easter baskets out of sticky notes.
We had taken part in organizing a 72-hour film festival on the ship for all of the ship community during the stop in Mauritius, and the finished films were ready for judging, so we got to be a part of that process.  We watched through all thirteen submissions.  There was a really cute on by the kids on board who did an animation with their legos, a very clever one that went through all of the funny things that people say and do on the ship, a sweet one about a love story over the years aboard the semester at sea ship and, one of my favorites, a video mocking Baer Grills that goes through a Survivorman-type show on the island of Mauritius.  Everybody did a great job. There's some real talent on this ship.

The films will be screened on April 3 to the whole community, and I look forward to seeing the students watch them.  People are really going to enjoy the film festival.  Of course, we'll have a red carpet and have everybody dress to the nines.  Makes me miss the Lifetree Film Fest coming up at the end of April.  You people had better attend that and let me know how it goes.  Eat extra popcorn for me.

Matt and I went to the Easter service on the ship, then finished up our post-production duties for the day and called it a night.  I've got mixed feelings about being back on the ship.  We were so spoiled with our adventures in India and Cambodia, and I find myself missing Auroville the most.  I've got to get my sea legs back to where I stop noticing the rocking of the ship, and hopefully I'll get back in the groove of ship-life.  This little cabin is our home for these last four weeks.

I can't believe we only have a month left!  Half of me can't wait to go back to Colorado and the other half of me is afraid of this ending.  It's the new normal.  What's going to be able to measure up next?  Probably just a bowl of fresh fruit will do it.