Monday, April 1, 2013

Under the Weather

March 29, 2013

It was crepe day today!  A group of film peeps headed down to the waterfront to the food market to get some crepes for breakfast.  I bought a mango that the nice man chopped up for us, and we had it with our warm, savory crepes that were cooked right on the spot with local ingredients.  My love for Cape Town is back after our scary night on Long Street.

 I showed Matt the local craft market and the spice shops that he had missed the day before being with Tendekyi in “Wooster.”  It was kind of a lazy day today because we had the whole day off.  We all looked forward to a day where we could just chill and be travelers.  We walked through a four-story souvenir shop and looked at many cool statues and masks.  I wanted to take a lot of it home.

I wasn’t feeling well, so when we got back to the ship to get our postcards written, I stayed behind for another nap.  I feel bad that I missed out on our free day in Cape Town, but one just can’t help not feeling well.  I thought it would be better to rest up for our last day here, than push it and still not be feeling well tomorrow.  Matt, Evan, Patrick and Danny headed up Lion’s Head to shoot the sunset over Table Mountain.  It was wickedly windy, but they loved the adventure.

It looks beautiful, but you can't see the wind.
I woke up around 5:30pm feeling so much better, and realized that I could still make it for the Semester at Sea staff dinner.  Some professors, staff and resident directors (RD’s) were going out to a nearby pizza place, so I decided not to be a stranger and join in.  As the whole Unreasonable group, we haven’t done a very good job of melding with the rest of the community, I think, so I felt it would be good to get to know some of our fellow travelers.

I rode the bus with them over to the waterfront mall and had a big salad with our talk about travel.  It was fun to chat with some of the professors aboard the ship.  They have a completely different perspective from me as far as the journey is concerned, and I think we found one another’s stories interesting.

The Waterfront ferris wheel at sunset.
After dinner I went out for ice cream with some of the RD’s, and we visited a grocery store called the Pick n Pay.  I discovered a candy while I was here called Fizzers that I’ve become obsessed with.  I needed to get some.  It’s basically laffy taffy meets pop rocks without the popping.  The taffy fizzes lightly and melts in your mouth as you eat it.  Magic.

We caught the 10:30pm bus back to the ship, and although it was a lazy day off, it was a good day off.  I think I can conquer our last day in Cape Town.