Saturday, January 19, 2013

Back to Sea!

The evening of the 17th was Oli’s birthday, the associate producer on our film crew, so we celebrated in the faculty lounge with a giant dance party.  It was a ton of fun.  Even the learning partners from Nike joined in by beginning a limbo game on the dance floor.

I whipped out my absolute best dance moves, and got many compliments on my stellar ability. :-)

The morning of the 18th was pretty low key. The ship had chilled in the port of Honolulu overnight in order to avoid a massive storm that was going across our path to Japan.  We were all quite thankful for the decision to try and avoid it.  The ship left around noon on the 18th, and we began our nine-day trek across the Pacific for Japan.

The 18th was a pretty low-key day.  We were all coming off the high of being in port, and got a lot of post-production work done.  (Logging footage and organizing it, syncing the sound with the video and editing.)

Today, the 19th, was also pretty low-key.  Matt and I had breakfast, and then I shot a quick thing where Daniel explained why the Artificial Vision for the Blind team decided to get off the ship in Hawaii.  It was sad to see them go, but they need to take care of their team before trying to spread their awesome technology.  It was a good move for them, but we will miss their personalities.

After lunch out on the back deck (the weather is perfect!) we had a required hour of “fun” scheduled by Larissa.  We ended up sitting around a table on the deck and talking, but it was nice to get away from our work for a little bit.  Jessie and I then interviewed One Earth Designs’ team member, Catlin.  I ran camera while Patrick asked questions, and I set it up as an epic shot with her solar stove on the top-aft deck overlooking the ocean.  So epic.

My absolute favorite part of today, though came with an interaction between our film team and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.  Mark was standing with his backpack blocking a walkway, and didn’t notice that Arch was trying to come through.  Arch proceeded to crouch down a bit, give Mark three taps on the butt and let out a silly, high-pitched giggle.  Mark moved out of the way, then turned to Patrick and said, “His Grace just slapped my ass.”

Best moment of the trip so far.

Photo compliments of Evan Swineheart