Thursday, January 24, 2013

We Got Cabin Fever

*Cue dramatic music*

And so it begins...the cabin fever.  I've begun to realize how trapped we are on this vessel in the middle of the ocean.

*The strings swell and the tubas enter with an ominous tone*

The food is the same. The same potatoes. The same pasta. The same salad and salad dressings. Every day, the same.

*The flutes trill in horror*

I've hit my head on the same ceiling sprinkler while getting up on my bunk just about every day.  The little sore spot is the same.

*The timpani booms*

And now, we're having plumbing issues with people flushing things they shouldn't, so multiple hallways reek of yesterday's meals.  At least it's something new...

*Cymbals crash and the trumpets peter out to nothing*

Okay...but seriously.  I now realize why they try to fill people's day with different events, classes, lectures, workouts, dances, and random assignments to be done around the ship.  Since I've been editing episode two, I've had these last four days to schedule as I please, and with no boundaries or structure, one's mind begins to play games.  I forget to take breaks, or take too long of a break and find myself feeling guilty.

This evening, I went to dinner and broke my solo-act and realized everything's fine.  Life is good living on this luxurious ship.  We're all just ready for another port.  With fourteen days on the ship interrupted by two days on land, people need to really focus on their studies or projects or business in order to avoid cabin fever.

Today was extremely smooth compared to yesterday, but we can't hope for the smooth sailing to continue any longer.  This evening we're turning north.  The port side of the ship (South) where we've been rockin' the smooth seas, (pictured to the right) was light and fluffy with a nice sunset, but look to the starboard side of the ship (North) where we're turning after dinner, and it's a big ole' storm.  We've been told to batten down our rooms and hold on tight.  We've also been told that now is the time to take seasick medicine if you haven't already.

We've started working out our plans for Japan, and Matt and I are going to be a part of the film crew that travels across-country.  So, instead of visiting Yokohama, then getting back on the ship and riding to Kobe, we're going to get off in Yokohama, go to Tokyo for two days, then take a train over to the next event and end in Kobe where we'll get back on the ship after a total of five days.  We're REALLY looking forward to being on land and eating different food.  The food on the ship is actually very good, it's just that it doesn't have a ton of variety.

When we get close to Japan, they block our ship's satellites which cuts out our internet, but since I'll be on land for the duration of our Japan visit, hopefully I'll be able to update the blog with our day by day. Wish us luck with tonight's waves!