Sunday, January 20, 2013

Karaoke Night

So, we gained another hour again tonight, which forced the staff, faculty and Unreasonable people on the ship to hold a Karaoke night in the faculty lounge (nicknamed: "the Tipsy Toucan").

The evening began at 9:30pm, and after a few songs, the realization was made that there were a couple students on the front deck which surrounds the entire Tipsy Toucan, so the blinds were promptly closed which gave us all a good laugh.

Matt and Patrick realized that the song they wanted to dedicate to Larissa wasn't in the Karaoke repertoire, so they promptly worked up a rendition of "Poker Face" on the white, grand piano located next to the bar.  The crowd went wild.  Don't worry.  We have video.

Once the Dean of students realized the talent on our team, he decided to end the night with Journey's, "Don't Stop Believin'" by request.  Everyone gathered around the piano (about 30 people) and sang along with Matt and Mark playing.  This is a great crowd!

Before the next song, Pedro, the founder of Aquaphytex and our resident "personality," stops everyone. He silences them and says, (in broken english) "No no no, we entrepreneurs.  Next song, ten dollars."

We all had a good laugh and bid one another good night.  With our extra hour of sleep, midnight is only 11pm.

Life is good on a ship heading west.