Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ensenada, Mexico

Today, we started out with a delicious breakfast in the Garden Room (AKA Level 6 Cafeteria). They have a wonderful spread of food on the ship during mealtimes which could prove to be dangerous to over-eaters like myself. They warned us about the freshman 15 effect so we're trying to be very conscious about getting our exercise. So far, we have forgotten so many little pieces of gear that we need during the day that running from the back of the ship on level 6 to the very front of the ship on level 3 where our rooms are has left my muscles aching in the night. I will have perfect thighs of steel in four months, or get smarter and start carrying a backpack...

After some final meetings and orientations and finishing up setting up our editing room on the ship, we headed to lunch with the Unreasonable team. Daniel gave an interactive orientation to the Unreasonable at Sea program, which we filmed, and then we completed our final orientation meeting on the ship.

After all of our business of the day was finished, we went out as a full film crew and admin team with our learning partners from SAP, XBox and Nike to enjoy some Mexican food in the port town of Ensenada, Mexico.

I'm working on my Spanish, so I was able to order up my Ceviche del Pescado y un Margerita. We were seating in and outdoor eating area covered with Christmas lights and fun decorations. We were serenaded by many a street vendor with various instruments and had great talk of our past adventures. Everyone is in high spirits, but secretly wishing we could keep the ship to ourselves instead of welcome on 640 college students in the morning...

But in all seriousness, the adventure really begins once the students and lifelong learners embark and our ship community is complete. This is going to be an amazing voyage! And it all begins at sunrise!