Friday, January 18, 2013

Port in Honolulu

We began Thursday with 7:00am yoga on the 7th deck, and then headed for breakfast, which we ate outside.  We were ported in Honolulu this morning, so it was beautiful and calm out on the aft deck with an epic view of the island.

We had a 9:00am film crew brainstorming meeting where we began the process of figuring out how to put together all of the footage we’ve shot so far into a coherent 22-minute episode.

After six days at sea during our crossing from Ensanada over to Hilo, I felt like there was no story.  We were all locked on a ship shooting classes and workshops day after day.  I thought that this epic trip would not be so epic after all, but after porting and realizing how busy everyone is in ports, and how many roadblocks and issues everyone runs into while trying to navigate around a country, I realized that we’ve got the makings for a very fun and entertaining series.  Conflict makes for good TV.

I ended the day by chillin’ in the “Eagle’s Nest” dumping, logging and sorting the hours and hours of footage that our three crews had shot during the two days in Hilo.  Now that we have a system down for sorting, I enjoy the organizational process.  Plus, it’s a lot easier while the ship sits in port rather than during the winter storms in the Pacific.

I hear we have the roughest and longest crossing coming up, and we’re going to jump through time as we cross the dateline just outside of Japan.  We’ll rocket ourselves from being three hours behind Mountain Time to being (something like) 22 hours ahead.  In a matter of seconds, we’ll all lose a day of our lives.  How poetic.

I just got an update from the captain, and we're going to spend the night in port in Honolulu because there's a crazy storm going across our path, and waiting a day will likely lower the chances of hitting right in the middle of it.  Sounds like this day delay in leaving for Japan will give us a little bit of an easier crossing, but it will still catch the end of the storm.

Wish us luck!